Medical Marketing Strategy

New Patient Acquisition

GCC Consulting provides a unique and custom tailored approach to new patient acquisition for medical professionals and practices. Patients look for your services online.

How Does New Patient Acquisition Work?

Millions of patients do this every day, and the majority of the patients find you on Google and Social Media sites, and over 80 percent of patients do this on a mobile device.

Where do patients look?

Patients are now more educated than ever and utilize multiple online resources when researching for a medical provider. Channels patients use to find prospective physicians include:

1) Google SEO
2) Google Local SEO/ Google My Business
3) Google Ads
4) Facebook, Instagram Ads
5) Secondary review websites such as Insurance, HealthGrades,, and more)
6) Referrals

Patients Research

Initially, patients look for your reviews and rankings; primarily Google reviews online. They then look at your website for a few things including quality of the website and the content, which is one of the most important parts of a medical website. Since they are mostly mobile, the website should be optimized for mobile and should have mobile apps embedded into the website for easy conversion. They usually then check your services and your information about the clinic, like providers information and services you offer.

Patients Inquire (Conversions) - STAFF ENGAGE WITH PATIENTS

Your internal staff are the main points of contact that reply to interested patients and answer phone calls. Phone calls are still the number one way patients contact you. Then in this order: Texting/SMS, ChatBot, Appointments and Contact Forms. If the interested patient initiates from social media, their usual preferred way to contact you is by using phone or SMS.

Consultation/ Telehealth

Healthcare providers see the patients either in person or virtually using telemedicine. This part of the healthcare experience is your responsibility.

Marketing Automations/ Campaigns

Patients are lead through a funnel with a solid email marketing strategy that is well-designed and well-written to match your practice and brand. Email sequences should include:

1) Sending educational and promotional newsletters
2) Sending thank you automation emails
3) Sending appointment reminders
4) Sending Happy Birthday emails
5) Sending Happy Holiday emails

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