2020 saw more Amazon purchases than ever before. With this increase of customers making higher volume purchases, it is critical to optimize your Amazon listings now more than ever before. Think about how many options you have when searching for any given product on Amazon.

Optimizing your Amazon listings can improve your products’ views and sales. In order for the customer to make the purchase, they need to be able to locate your listing. Amazon listing optimization is one of the techniques our team of Amazon marketing specialists use to have the Amazon algorithm work in your favor. It is important to remember that the online retail experience differs dramatically from in person retail; the online customer is able to experience more products and stores simultaneously. Therefore, the need to be competitive in the online marketplace is much greater.

Your listings’ description is utilized by the algorithm to determine if your listing is applicable to the shopper’s inquiry and if it provides substance. This is why targeting what search terms and keywords your customer would use to locate your listing is critical. The more keywords your listing has that fit the customer’s search, the higher the rank on the search will your listing show. 

Now having suitable keywords to boost your listing’s ranking is only one of the first steps. Once the consumer finds your listing, how do we convert them to a customer? When it comes to the eCommerce space, often the crux of online shopping is we have the convenience of being able to do it wherever we want; from at home while relaxing on the couch with our laptop to waiting in line at the grocery store while on our phone, but we do not get to physically see and inspect the product until it arrives in the mail. This is where Amazon marketing specialists come in.

Our team of Amazon marketing specialists will not only be able to help you find the right keywords for optimal traffic and visibility but they will also be able to help you utilize the full potential of your products listings. Rather than going through the long and tedious process of trying to figure out how to make your listings improve on your own, an Amazon marketing specialist will be able to guide you with more direction and insight. Not only will they have an understanding of what your listing needs, but they will also be able to explain to you what strategies are or are not working for your competitors in the marketplace.

Being able to attract more customers extends beyond the initial financial gain you receive once they make a purchase. Often, having more customers leads to more reviews which also helps your listing increase in visibility and solidifies the authenticity of your store. Collaborating with an Amazon marketing agency is also beneficial for not only understanding what your listing needs but also the resources for where to find these needs. For example, an Amazon marketing agency may recommend new product images, in addition they will also know who to contact to take the best images for your listing possible. In turn this frees up your time and the burden of trying to find the best hire to take new images. 

Partnering with an Amazon marketing agency is the most efficient way to watch your listings improve in traffic and for your sales to exponentially increase. Contact us today for a complimentary discovery call consultation on how we can help you grow your organic amazon sales today!

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